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Stand Up Paddling

SUP is the fastest- growing water sport in the world. Paddleboarding got its roots in the 1960s when the Beach Boys of Waikiki started standing on their longboards and using outrigger paddles to paddle out for a better view of the surf. Today SUP has gone mainstream.

Combine surfing with kayaking and you’ve got stand up paddleboarding (SUP). The reason so many people are drawn to paddleboarding is that it’s an amazing full-body workout that improves your core strength, cardio fitness, balance, and flexibility. Plus, it’s fun to get out on the water and enjoy nature, so it hardly feels like exercise.

Even though paddleboarding is a total-body workout, people of all ages and fitness levels can try the sport. Unlike surfing, you don’t need waves to paddleboard, and very calm, flat water is best for beginners.